Osinto: Reborn

Fly through the future of flight

You’ve not heard from us for a while - but we’re back! Re-branded and ready to share what we’ve been building - Cloud Empire.

Fly yourself around the future of flight, right from where you’re sitting!

Cloud Empire works *in your web browser*.

No downloads necessary.

It’s a 3D knowledge graph - and we’ve loaded it with sample data that gives an overview of the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) sector.

Here’s your flight training manual (best piloted on a desktop computer, with a mouse):

And here’s a peek at the sort of analysis it enables:

Let us know what you think - we want to work with you all on building this into a truly indispensable tool for tracking the market, so all constructive feedback is welcome.

You’re welcome to email me directly at charles@osinto.com

Take a look at our services which now include:

After a lot of hard work through an immensely tough year-and-a-half - like the wider sustainable aviation community - we’re now ready for take-off 🚀🌕!